From the great knowledge AHLBORN acquired in the field of Classic Organs, SL Series (Studium Line) come out as an outstanding sound and high musical performances line of organs, typical of AHLBORN production, at a truly competitive price and built in a very compact console.

Prestigious instruments, realised with the purpose to offer useful features exalting the quality of sound in every environmental and use situation.
From the naturalness of the stops, to the proper availability of additional functions, until the accuracy of the aesthetic, the SL Series organs represent the good choice to satisfy also the most skilled and demanding performer.

With the SL 300, AHLBORN presents a three-manual organ with an outstanding sound and versatility, at a truly competitive price, and built in a very compact console. A brief glance at the specifications shows how the design of the instrument has been fully exploited, ensuring enormous playing potential. Each one of its 39 stops has a well defined function and character that offers exceptional sound quality. This allows accomplished organists to be able to register even the most challenging repertoire with authenticity. In addition, the incorporated PROGRAMMING SECTION™ provides a range of options that can be used to adjust and personalize the functions of the instrument.
SL 300 is directed to those environments in which the demand of having an outstanding organ for a musical service appropriate to the art dignity is particularly felt.

SL 100 is a reproduction of the classic positive organ. Its 13 full clear tones are enriched by a powerful internal amplification system featuring separate channelling of notes in the traditional C and C sharp configuration. The monophonic bass stops will ensure a resonant support for all performances. Players will find it the ideal instrument not only for accompanying choral music, but also to perform the vast and interesting soloist repertoire for the single manual organ.

SL 61 is a portable classic organ which unites exceptional clarity of tone with all the advantages of a compact, portable, light and easy-to-play instrument. Quality and versatility are two of the foremost features of the SL 61. About its 13 stops, ten are carefully selected manual stops that give a full range from Principal, Strings, Flutes and Reeds, and three monophonic bass stops give to the instrument a truly majestic sound, which is further enhanced by the digital reverb unit to add resonance to a small concert room. The SL 61 is not only ideally suited to practice and teaching, but is also perfect for accompaniment of choir or soloist, and performing the large amount of music written for the single manual organ. Altogether a fine example of the technology created by AHLBORN expertise and experience.

Studium Series
Studium Series